Year 0001
Year 0001
Virtual Inc
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·» Introduction
    Virtual Inc. is an online business trading simulation game.

    You will start with $100,000 in hand, and must establish a company to start playing the game.

    With a company started and running, you'll have to make long term decision on where to set up your factories and retail shops, as well as whether to rent or to buy them. This decision directly affects the cost of raw materials and access to consumers.

    Now the company relies on your decision on which product to produce, and what types of machines and workers are best to do the job.

    You are also responsible for purchasing raw materials from different regions, and allocate finished goods to retail shops for sale.

    Once you're fully settled in, it is time to think about taking control of other company via the stock exchange, and hopefully you will be the one to claim an END-GAME.

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