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Year 0001
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    You need to have your HR Department running to provide tranining to your workers.

    Quality is building- and product-centric. Workers trained to specialise in a particular production is only useful in the building they're trained. All training will be lost when your company no longer operates in that building.

    How It Works
    Traning is charged daily, and your company must have active training programme to gain Quality Points.

    Quality Points (QP)
    It is just a figure which will be attached to every batch of products being manufactured.

    If your company has active training programme on a particular day, this QP figure will increase by one point, otherwise it will decrease by one point (until it reaches zero).

    Training improves the quality of a product. Some consumers may buy high-quality products even if they are slightly more expensive.

    It is not always necessary if your company is a monopoly, or the market demand is higher than all companies could satisfy.

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