Year 0001
Year 0001
Virtual Inc
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VInc. References » Region Workers
1StandardFactor of 1$100 per day
1SkilledFactor of 2$200 per day
1AdvancedFactor of 5$300 per day
2StandardFactor of 1$100 per day
2SkilledFactor of 2$200 per day
2AdvancedFactor of 5$300 per day
3StandardFactor of 1$100 per day
3SkilledFactor of 2$200 per day
3AdvancedFactor of 5$300 per day
4StandardFactor of 1$100 per day
4SkilledFactor of 2$200 per day
4AdvancedFactor of 5$300 per day
6StandardFactor of 1$10 per day
6SkilledFactor of 2$20 per day
6AdvancedFactor of 5$30 per day